Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HSG ...

or, as the clinic refers to it "cavity check" ICK. When the clinic told me I had to have a repeat 'cavity check' done they said it usually takes on average 3 months to get in... well, I called the lab to book the HSG on my CD1 last week and they called me back yesterday to book the appt. For this coming friday!! The lack-of-wait is great, the timing, not-so-great as I've got an exam to write for a potential job, and well, hopefully the effect of the ativan will have worn off :P

When the nurse called yesterday, I was a bit miffed - they couldn't find the swab results that I'd had done at the clinic, which had caused me all sorts of stress at the time. Last thing I wanted was for them to have lost the results and need to redo! But, thankfully they were located - the lab wasn't able to fax them to the clinic, so just kept 'em. bah. ah well. one more thing off the list. After hte HSG we will be green lighted, but I'm still trying to lose some weight. I'm down almost 10 lbs since hte appt, so hopefully the other 20 I would like to lose this summer will also happen. The sooner the better, IMO.

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  1. Good luck with the HSG tomorrow and the exam for the potential job. I hope the HSG won't be too bad.

    YAY for the 10 pounds. Way to go!