Friday, May 22, 2009


What a morning. And ya, it's 9:30. The HSG turned out to be a no-go. Well, it's not like the appointment was canceled or anything, just my effing body would not cooperate. The dr. was able to get the speculums (and ya, plural - I think she tried 4 different ones...) in, but couldn't crank 'em open (at all) to get a view of my cervix. I 'felt' relaxed enough (hey, it's one thing that they could get the speculum in - that's usually even hard), but apparently I was involuntarily fighting the speculum. Well, *I* wasn't, my muscles were. Whatever. Regardless, I felt like the hugest moron evah. I'll chalk it up to the fact I couldn't take ativan like usual, bc I had to drive back home after (J's sick, and wouldn't be allowed near the hospital). I did take 2 Aleve (naproxen for us Cdns, available at WalMarts everywhere in the US) before the exam, which should've been enough, but I guess not.

I should've known though that it would be a crappy morning. I had to go up to the RE clinic before the HSG to have a pee test done "just in case" I was pg, and while I was sitting there waiting for the nurse, I heard her give the 'good news' to another couple that they were PG. Yes, bc that's what someone who has to pay $10K to TRY to have a baby wants to hear first thing in the morning. FORK.

AND, to top it off, I am writing an exam for a job this afternoon, and the last thing I want to do is study right now, I just want to wallow. Wallow in the forking unfair world of IF. I treated myself to an egg mcmuffin on the way home (and could've eaten like 3 more, but WW y'know), but blah. still feel like hell.

so, I guess I get to go through this again in a month or so. Blast. blaaaaaaast.


  1. Gaaaaahhhh. So sorry about the HSG. Fingers crossed for the exam!

  2. I'm sorry that today sucked. On the bright side, good job on only having the one McMuffin!

  3. Whoa - I had no IDEA your body could just reject a speculum. Apparently my body is just a passive victim. So I need to learn that! Any tips???