Sunday, May 10, 2009

'happpy' Sunday

the sun's (kinda) shining - that's something to be happy about, right?
I get to spend the afternoon with hubby watching the new Star Trek movie - another thing to be happy about, right?
Because for us non-mommies, that's what it is... just another Sunday...

bah. I was thinking yesterday that "oh, Mother's Day doesn't bother me..." but I can't help it. the more time I spend on the internet this morning (maybe this is a sign to effing LOG OFF), the more down I'm gettin. everyone's FB status is 'happy mother's day!', the chat boards I frequent are mostly 'oooh, happy mother's day!!" posts, even Post Secret & random crafty blogs are all HMD. bah humbug.

I know that 'someday' it'll be our turn, but honestly, it's hard to see all the mom-o-ganda out there when we're still essentially benched.

ETA: and kudos to my husband, who at 5pm finally asked me "are you ok? Are some of the posts getting you down?"uh ya, i'm fine now, thanksforasking. The fact I asked him at 11:30 whether Father's Day bothered him where he's not a dad didn't, and said "wow. you are the most even-tempered person ever" when he said no didn't clue anything in. men.

ETAAgain: The fact I put three P's in Happy? Not something that makes me 'happpy', but makes me giggle nonetheless.


  1. i'm sorry, C... today must be sucky for you...

  2. Oh, Chelle, I know exactly where you're coming from.

    Today was shiiiiity for me, too. I hate people today... and that's becoming a more common occurance in my life...

    This sucks. This sucks hard.

  3. I was really bracing myself today for a baaaadddd day, but it surprisingly turned out well. Phew. One more Mother's Day down.

    Here's hoping we all have something good to celebrate next year.

  4. They can be AMAZINGLY obtuse. But, not because they don't love us. Fascinating creatures...