Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

wow. my first mother's day as an actual mom. Who knew we'd ever get here? Two years ago I was super bitter at the whole concept, this time last year, we started the day at the clinic bright & early for monitoring & ended the day with the trigger shot. this year, we have a beautiful son to show for our labors (hah).

I was sitting in his room last night, rocking the little sicko to sleep (he's got a cold)... the lights were off, and the window was open a bit so we could hear the peepers and some light rain outside, and it was just perfect. I wish there was a life-cam that i could've taken a still shot with. It was one of those moments that to me was very mom-zen. And that moment, although I love my grass green tuk-tuk to death, that moment was the greatest mother's day gift of them all.

To those of you who are still waiting to be moms, huge hugs.


  1. Oh that sounds like the perfect Mother's Day.


  2. That first Mothers Day is truly special--glad you had a good day!