Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

nothing like getting up at 630 in the morning on Mother's Day to go have blood drawn...  We got to the clinic around 730, and by the time the nurse showed up, there were 5 of us (plus asst'd hubbies) waiting to get in. busy busy day at the clinic. When we got in for my bloods, the nurse said I would most likely be triggering tonight, and ER would be 9am Tuesday. TUES.DAY. Can you believe it?

I just reread my post from this time last year, and I'm happy I'm in a better place right now. Hopefully next year's post will be written while our 3month old is sleeping...

I'll end today's post with a great quote from Nia Vardalos' article on Mother's Day...
A small social guideline: don’t ask a woman if she is pregnant, unless her water breaks on your flip-flops, a baby arm dangles out of her vagina and she asks you to cut the cord. Then, and only then, may you ask if she is having a baby. Otherwise, shut up.

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