Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday update

E2 was 12100 (up from 9300 yesterday) and so tonight is trigger time!
9pm to be exact... Then no meds until happy drugs tues at the clinic.
We have to be there for 8am, and ER will be at 9... Happy mother's day
to us!


  1. Yay for triggering! Hopefully, I'll be right behind you. :o)

  2. Happy Mother's Day indeed. It is really happening!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!

  3. (Dammit, I posted earlier, and it didn't show!)

    AIEOU! (I can't limit myself to yelling just one vowel anymore)!

    I honestly believe that all of this happening on Mother's Day will be a fantastic omen for you. <3

  4. I'm very excited for ya! I think it's a great sign that it's mother's day too. Believing this will be your last one as a twosome! :D

  5. Ahem. Waiting for an update on today's events! :-D