Tuesday, May 11, 2010

home again...

well, we're home already... We got to the clinic around 745, and i was back in recovery 2 hours later. details are sketchy, but it really didn't take that long from what i can remember. good pain meds, and i was drifting in/out. but they got 8 eggies, so i'm really happy with that. they'll do ICSI this afternoon with them, and then tomorrow we'll get hte fertilization report. We should be able to go to a 5 day transfer (sunday)...

Due to my blood pressure, RE is recommending we don't go with a twin pregnancy (so SET - single embryo transfer), but i don't know.  I would feel better transferring two, but J & I still have to make that decision. Also on the "shit to talk about' list - freezing extras. Mr. Science is not sure if he wants to go that route, but I figure if we only transfer one, we really really should do freezing. if we transfer two, different story.

anyway, dr. jamie is saying it's time for my nap. thanks so much for all your support. It means so much to both of us.


  1. Yay eggies! Good fertilization vibes headed their way and hope all goes well for you on transfer day. So sorry about the possible SET versus the double you had been counting on but hopefully with close monitoring the RE will agree to the double transfer. Freezing or not is a tough decision but I'd be inclined to definitely freeze if there's a SET, like you. Hope you two can work out the kinks left in the road before then and thinking good thoughts for both of you because while you're dealing with not only the physical aspects but emotional as well, J is also on the rollercoaster ride so he needs extra hugs too. Thinking of you both! xo

  2. Just caught this now.. That's a LOT to think about. I'd be inclined to freeze them as well. Whatever you decide, you're getting closer and closer to that dream. We're all here and cheering from the sidelines, however it happens for you. :)

  3. That's a lot to think about... Take care of yourself and I wish you more than the best with whatever you decide to do. :o)

  4. All I can say is... wow. Just, simply... WOW. I'm going to send all my good vibes your way. So happy for you! :)

    And I vote freezing too. (wait, I don't get a vote).

  5. YAY for 8 beautiful eggies!!!!

  6. Dear Chelle,
    Words can't begin to express how completely and totally THRILLED I am for you. When I think back on how long you've waited for this moment to be here & how you've both been through SO much--Gosh, I want to run through the streets singing and skipping, doin cart wheels!! I want the band to strike up a loud and happy song or two and parade around the world Shouting my excitement!! Way to go!! Love ya

    P.S. Freeze away (IMO)