Wednesday, May 12, 2010

and then there were 2...

I spoke with the embryologist about an hour ago... of the 8 eggs, 5 were injected. And of those, 2 have fertilized. well, three did, but the 3rd is abnormal, so nada. So there's two. We'll do a day three transfer of both embryos (if they make it to Friday), and hope for the best. THat's all you cna do, right? I had my requisite freak out earlier, but i'm doing ok now. i've booked my pre-transfer acu session for tomorrow morning, and have one for saturday afternoon all set up.

For those of y'all not in the know about ivf & such - here's an article explaining day 3 v day 5 transfers...

In related 'news', we received an amazing gift yesterday from a bunch of friends from far and wide. There was flowers, cupcakes, gift cards for dinner, a gift cert for a mani & pedi, ice cream, a nice mug... all kinds of stuff in it. It was really quite overwhelming, just knowing how much love there is coming to us from all corners of this country.

To everyone, thank you for your support. I really do have the best friends.


  1. Two is good, Michelle! You're going to be PUPO on Friday -- that is awesome!

  2. Just: good luck.
    That is all, for now.

  3. Good thoughts coming from all of us! Love ya and good luck!

  4. two is all you need, lady... all my good thoughts are with you and your little ones...

  5. Good Luck!!

    What wonderful gifts, it's always nice to know that there are people who love you!

  6. We really do love you guys. I've been thinking happy multiplying thoughts today, and you KNOW my thoughts will be with you on Friday (uhh, can you tell me what time ET is in SK time so I can be concentrating extra hard when the time comes?)