Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Update..

..with Seth Myers. I kid, I kid. how awesome would that be, anyway? :P


We were at hte clinic bright and early (before the nurse - oops!), and had the bw & u/s... blood level (E2) came back at 9100, more than double Thursday's value, and follies were looking good. Average is about 19mm - one's over 20mm and one's almost 23mm... I am to take one more day of stims & Suprefact, and the nurse was QUITE sure I'll be triggering tomorrow night. Which puts ER for Tuesday, and ET either Friday or Sunday. either way, J won't have left for TO yet, so that's a relief. I'm just trying to figure out which days to take off - Tues/Wed & Mon/Tues or ???

Left ovary is still behind the uterus, so it's really hard to get a good number from there. The nurse assured me I'll get drugs for ER, and that there will most likely be a bunch of follies on Lefty they haven't been able to get a view of once they go in for ER. Phew.

Regardless, things are moving ahead. Cannot believe it. EEEEEK. :D


  1. Good stuff! :))) Looks like everything is coming along nicely. Good news that J will be there as well. It sounds like all of the stars are aligning.. Yay!

  2. I was thinking of you all day, and thinking follicle growing thoughts!! Keep up the good work! :oD