Thursday, May 6, 2010

Update! (updated the update, hah)

Just got in from my monitoring appt, and things are looking good. Lining was nice and thick, (at least) 5 follies on the right and 3 on the left. Lefty was kinda hiding behind the uterus, so OW. But really. Not too bad. The follies she measured were on average 15-17mm, so things are looking GREAT. Based on my E2 today (Monday was 1100), the nurse expects I'll go back in for a scan & bw on sat or sun, and trigger will likely be sometime this weekend! Squeeee!

Holy crap it's almost here. (where's the shocked emoticon guy?)

Nurse has already called back (!!) - E2 is 4100, so up nicely.. I'm in for bw & us on Sat and probably trigger on the weekend!!

Also, had stim-protocol acu last night, and it was so weird. Good weird, but still. For the first time in the 1.5 years I've done acu, they were all in my back (with exception of one in my calf, and one at the ankle, per leg). Guess something's working. Squeeeee!


  1. Running out of ways to express my excitement.. Hmmmmm..

    Vibrating with glee! Hee. :D

  2. I'm so excited with this fantastic news I want to run up and down the hallway here at work doing fist pumps and high fiving everyone. I think however, that may be frowned upon and certainly warrant a psych consult.


  3. I'm with you Tammi, but there's not even anyone else here to tell! I nearly went out and told Larry (eyes and ears of the neighborhood..), but then EVERYONE on EARTH would know. :P

  4. Yay for those ovaries producing lots and lots of good follies! Great E2, as well!

  5. What an exciting weekend this is going to is really here!

  6. What a fantastic update! So thrilled for you!!! Maybe after you have your triplets you can have some for me. LOL 

  7. Wheeee! Nice work Chelle (and ovaries!)!!!


    I seriously lack words! This is TOO. EXCITING. FOR. WORDS. AT. A. NORMAL. VOLUME.

    I hope you can hear my squeal, feel my hug, and see my happy dance from there!!!