Monday, May 3, 2010

Stims - day the fifth...

I had my first bloodwork session this morning since starting stims, and I guess things are plugging along how they like. My dose (150IU Bravelle, 75IU Repronex) is staying constant for the next few days, and then I go in again on Thursday morning for bloodwork & u/s. After Thursday we should have some idea of when ER will be, and by extrapolation, when ET will be (no more than the 5th day after ER). Will be good to have some real answers to "so?? When will things happen" because "mid-may" is a crappy answer. And makes it hard to plan to boot.

I'm doing all right on the stims, but my stomach is allll irritated/bruised (and uh, I've got a bunch of stomach to bruise). Especially the right side (odd-numbered shots). It's quite tender to touch too. Basically, I'm pretty uncomfortable at work. Must wear less tight fitting clothes tomorrow.

But ya, that's the update. I'm pretty tired, and not sure if that's from the stims, or from waking up for a half hour at 3am. Either way, I wasn't impressed.


  1. Thursday is going to be a great day, M! It's so cool to actually visually see that all the meds/pain/freak outs are working with a screen full of nice follies. :o)

  2. Go follies, go!!!! :D

    Ridic excited here, absolutely amazingly so. Crossing everything for you guys!!