Thursday, April 29, 2010


Just did my first shot... J and I sat in the shrine and i mixed the
meds and then tentatively stabbed myself with the meds. Didn't really
hurt, but i was nervous. We start antibiotics tomorrow, and next
clinic appt is monday for bloodwork. Until then, i hope i don't become
(more of) a bitchy wreck.


  1. The first one is such a mind fcuk! It's all about anticipation and fear and questioning if you can do it... but we all know, you ou can do it, M!

  2. You'll be shooting up life a pro in no time ;-)
    Glad the first session went well!

  3. Glad it went well! :) Will continue intensive (but well intentioned) stalking. ;-) I'm the one standing in the bushes outside making the quiet "eeeeeeeee" noise, lmao.