Tuesday, December 21, 2010

34weeks... *

*parts of this post could be TMI to some.. don't say you weren't warned!

Time is just a-flyin'! And I think.. 'stuff' is starting to happen too.. :shock: 

I'm feeling a LOT more movement since Sunday's false alarm. Mostly down low, but some tai-chi like movements under my ribs. I was talking to my naturopath yesterday, and she thinks the fluid on Sunday was likely a small leak in my fluid sack or a small secondary sack of water (possibly from the twin that didn't make it?).. Regardless, she agrees that I most likely didn't pee myself :P Plus, I had some yellowy-greeny snot-like discharge when I got home last night, and a bunch of EWCM-like discharge again this morning. Mucus plug starting to move on out perhaps?? :shock:

I really think my feelings of "baby will be here sooner than later" is totally what will happen. I'd like him to hang out til 36w or so (Jan 4 - two weeks from today), but really, I gots no control. Really should be upstairs packing bags instead of playing on the computer, but meh :P  I finally got the load of small FuzziBunz diapers from a friend yesterday, so those are in the wash and will be ready to go soon. Not that we'll be using them from teh very very beginning (have Huggies for that), but probably soon enough... crazy.

And now, because you've been patient, here's a pic of me from this evening. I'll try and get a nicer one of J & I on Friday when we're at one of our work functions.Until then, this will have to do. Thoughts on this vs. the last pic (31 w)? Think babe's dropped at all?


  1. Yup! He's dropped! Momma knows! I hope he bakes a bit longer too and I hope you can just sit back and relax over these past few weeks....b/c Momma----the fun is just about to start!! :) Love ya guys!

  2. I lost my plug with Dean a little over a month before he showed up. I was 32-33-ish weeks, and I freaked right out (dern thing looked like a rock sitting in the toilet bowel).

    needless to say I spent the next 6-ish weeks in a huge panic, and I knew I was going to go early. And I did, by 2 weeks. but I knew I would never make it to my actual due date, but I had hopes that at least I would make it into March - I wanted him to have his own birth month (silly, I know).

    Baby will get here when he is good and ready, you just have to make sure you are good and ready for him! :)