Tuesday, December 14, 2010

33 week update..

aka the one where i have a minor freakout.

So let's see... last time I updated, I was just at 30 weeks, and starting my 'sick leave'. It ended up coming at a good time, as much as sick leave can be at a good time, because I ended up with a doozy of a sinus 'thing' that lasted close to 2 weeks... also, that pesky BP thing. I went into the office on the 30th (31w) for my work baby shower, and sparkle got spoiled something rotten... was really sweet of everyone. Funny.. gifts from people I never expected to get gifts from, and no gifts from people I expected to get gifts from (as much as you shouldn't expect to get gifts from anyone, but kwim?).  Here's a pic of me from that day... all huge and beachbally :P (I think people on twitter may have seen this? I can't remember) Regardless, that was the state of the belly at 31w. I will try and get a new pic tomorrow... Could be one of the last pictures... Speaking of pics though, I hadn't posted the last u/s pic we got (29w)... here ya go!

I'm feeling all right, all things considered (more shortly). I monitor my BP pretty much daily, and it's been ok. at my last appt (31w2d) it was good, but I love my GP, and she was the one who took it. I believe the protein was back at +1, where it's been for most of the pregnancy. Next appt is Dec 16 (this Thursday) and they'll do a biophysical profile (BPP), and monitor my BP & proteins again... I fully expect my BP to be outta whack though... and here's why...

Around the end of November (dates/times are blurring now), we found out that J's neurosurgeon would like to do some proactive surgery to remove a few of his meningioma that have been growing for a few years now. And given the state of the family at the moment, neuro suggested either rather immediately, or like 6 months down the road. All things considered, we opted for surgery this month, so on top of being on sick leave for blood pressure issues, my husband is having frickin brain surgery at the end of this week. While he's been through this before (in 2000, for a much bigger tumor that caused a huge seizure), it still frickin blows goats.

So ya. i'm ok. Baby is ok as far as I know. At my last appt he was still breech though (possibly "frank breech" (V-shaped; head & feet up, bum down), so am seeing my chiro to hopefully help with that. Webster Technique, anyone? She did one adjustment last week, and will do another tomorrow. Hopefully by Thursday's u/s, kidlet will be on the move. Babe has slowed down a lot this last week - didn't even flip for chocolate ice cream last night like he usually does. I am a bit worried that they'll want to induce me on Thursday... hopefully I can put that off til January, but I dunno. I just have a feeling that we'll be meeting our baby sooner than later. like, much sooner. Due to some odd circumstances (me being sick being one of them), I haven't been able to connect with the doula yet either, so if they DO want to induce me when J's still in the hospital, I won't have anyone there. am I freaking out? mmm, maybe just a little. Will try and update Thursday after my appt...


  1. Oh man... I am sending you good vibes all the way around here. You, and J and Baby J will be just fine. Just hang tight, and remember to keep breathing.

  2. I just want to hug you, and tell you it'll all be OK. Lean on those who are close in proximity, and those who aren't, to help when and where we can. We'll be thinking of you all this week.

  3. Like the song says, "baby don't worry, about a thing, 'cause every little thing is gonna be alright!".

    I'm thinking lots of strong, positive things for Friday, for now, for all of the days after.

    And no early induction, I hope - he could bake a while yet! I can't wait to meet Joel, but I can wait a BIT. Don't rush on account of your adoring friends. ;-)

    If you need any distraction at all, please let me know. I have Andrew on vacay after Friday and can go around/about with relative freedom leading up until Xmas. Just drop me a line if you need anything at all - I don't want to bug you.