Friday, December 17, 2010

33w appt update (updated, hah)

I just wanted to update after yesterday's appt... doc was happy w/ u/s results, fluid levels, bp, protein, but he still wants to keep a close watch. I go back next week for another BPP, and see how that goes. he's ordered another trutol (1 hr GTT test) & a bunch of blood tests that I need to get done today or Monday, just to keep an eye on things. He's kinda perplexed by baby's size, where the trend with moms w hbp is that babies are usually closer to average, not 95+%ile, hence the third sugar test.

As for J's surgery, it was postponed until the new year, as a more pressing case came in through Emerg. So now, we're kind of in limbo. We'll talk to the OB next week, and see what he thinks. I'm wondering if he'll schedule an induction (hopefully not C-sec) for 37-38w, and then we can schedule the surgery after that a bit. J's neuro is leaving the approximate time of surgery up to us, as much as possible. While the postponement is a piss off, we knew it was a possibility, but we do both appreciate the flexibility they're allowing us in scheduling around kidlet. So, long story short, hurry up & wait. Doesn't it figure?

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