Sunday, December 19, 2010

well that was interesting...

ended up at the hospital this morning, as i thought my water broke while I laid in bed. I was waiting for J to get out of the shower (we were to meet friends for brekkie) and I felt this pop and gush of fluid... :shock: so we had a bit of a rush around the house (packing and stuff, JIC) and went into the hospital.
They hooked me up to the monitors & sparkle was doing well.. they couldn't get a sample of fluid from the underwear I brought in, so the OB on call did an internal exam and checked everything out, and turns out that nope, false alarm, but man, I was so sure it was the real thing. And honestly, from what I'd told the nurses/dr, they thought so too, but nope. :? Because it was a false alarm, they sent me home... 
So now we're home and I had a bit of a nap and a shower, and well, I really just have to get my arse in gear and really pack those bags now :P Being not quite 34 weeks I'm at an odd spot - baby could need steroids for lungs, and they weren't sure whether they'd induce or admit me to put on antibiotics to keep him in to bake a bit longer.


  1. OMG!!! What a day! I am so glad he is ok ( and you guys too!) and that he is to contunue to bake. All kind of really real now, eh?

  2. I had that happen to me! Monday morning, I was laying in bed, sat up and there was a 'gush', soaked my pjs, the whole bit. I freaked, Cory took me to the hospital, they did all the tests, etc. turned out not to be it. Wednesday, 4:48am, rolled over and felt something go pop (like a balloon) and suddenly it was like someone had taken a 4 liter jug of water and dumped it in our bed... it came out and I could actually FEEL the glub, glub, glubs.

    Moral of my little story is: when your water really breaks pray you have a really good mattress pad! ha!