Saturday, November 27, 2010

spare some good thoughts for these families, please??

i found out yesterday that my friend S who did IVF the same time we did had her twins this past Monday at 29w6d. the little guys were just under 2&3 lbs and are in NICU right now, but she says they're doing well. it's a bit surreal to think that it could've been us having the baby already - i mean, they were ready to admit me last week, so...

coincedentally, a girl i follow on twitter (Jenny from What the Blog?) had her triplets on monday as well (28w1d)... again, babies are in NICU, but doing well given the circumstances.

So, if you've got a prayer or good thought you could send to these families with long roads ahead, i'm sure they'd appreciate it.

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  1. It's not uncommon for multiples to be born early. Everyone I know who's had twins had them early, and they are all fine. One friend had hers at 6 mos (24/25 weeks) and they are okay, too.

    Yeah, it's a little bit bumpy at the beginning, but this is not generally cause for alarm. My good thoughts are sent anyway. ;)