Thursday, November 25, 2010

30 weeks..

Officially 3/4 of the way thru my pregnancy - amazing. Time really has flown, especially with everything that's gone on since finding out we were pregnant back in May.

I have a bit of an update after last week's testing & such.. Short story - we're both fine :). I'm off work, but we're all good. Of course, it took me 4 days or so to find out that this was the case... ugh.

So, after Wednesday's appt, I did the 24h urine collection on Thursday, and took it to the lab first thing Friday... Apparently I needed more bloods drawn, so I had those done, and they said results would be in later that day. I made sure they had my cell number, and left, (naively) expecting a call later that day to let me know whether I was to continue bei g off work, or what the case was. 5pm comes, no call... so I took it easy on the weekend, and went back to work Monday.

Monday morning I called the OB clinic at the hosp, explained my story a handful of times, and waited for a nurse to call me back. Not only did I not know whether I should be off work still or not, but if so how long; also I was curious abt my labs & noone had told me on Wed when/if I should book my next appt for. So I waited, nothing that moring... nada. I called back after lunch, was told the dr who'd seen me up at u/s had my file, and was assured. the nurse would call me back by end of day. Which, of course, didn't happen. I was livid. Y'know, for people soooo concerned abt my BP a few days earlier, they sure didn't seem to care that it was now rising by the minute....

Tuesday morning I called the hospital again, and was PISSED. The receptionist took my message again, and finally, just before noon the nurse called me back. Apparently there'd been some mixup with my file (not surprising - story of my life). Labs were fine, and yes, I was still supposed to be off work. But for how long? SHe had no clue. When was I supposed to see a dr again? No clue. So I packed up my stuff and left work, possibly for good.  She did call me back later, and said that yes, I was to be off work for good now, and my appt on Dec 2 with the OB (u/s & udate) will be good timing.. but y'know, no apology or anything about the mix ups, or anything. SO FRUSTRATING.

I've been checking my BP now that I'm home, and today for example it was 115/86. Yup, dangerously high NOT. Ah well. Taking it easy, and hoping that HR & Compensation at work can figure out how to deal with my leave a month early.

And now... to nap.

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  1. Let work iron out whatever issues there are around being off early. In fact, I would ask them if this can be extended sick leave instead of the start of your Mat Leave. Max out of those S/L benefits!

    Enjoy the extra time off, especially since you both are totally a-okay! :) Just imagine how awesome your house is going to look for Xmas!