Wednesday, November 17, 2010

29w update...

First off - wha?? 29 weeks?? when the hell did THAT happen?

I digress. I had my biweekly OB appt today, and unfortunately it didn't go as smoothly as the ones before.... while I've officially lost 1.5kg since my last appt (more by my scale, but whatever), my bp was up up up, and the protein in my urine was +3 (has been +1 all along). This worried the resident & OB, so they ended up keeping the Fetal Assessment u/s unit open for me so they could get a view of baby, they drew blood from me, and i'm off work until Monday at least. Oh, and I get to collect all my urine for a 24h period, starting tomorrow morning. Fun  :eh: They're worried it's preeclampsia, which if it is, I will pretty much be off til baby comes...

The u/s was quick but good. Babe was moving around like a madman, and is breech (although not transverse like usual). He's almost doubled in (estimated) size now - up to 3lbs 14oz or so (was 2lbs at 24w). I have a picture, but won't be at work to scan it anytime soon. Maybe hubs can scan it at work - not sure.

so that's my update. funny that things are 'off' (well, potentially anyway), bc I've been feeling fairly good lately. FIgures, eh?


  1. So sorry to hear the latest developments but trust you are in good hands!

  2. Rest well, my friend. Hope the doc comes back and says all is well with my FSIL. :o)

  3. All of the above. And hugs from us too!

  4. Take care Chelle and rest as much as you can.