Thursday, November 11, 2010

more pics - 28 weeks & change

 The belly is finally starting to round itself out... this was 28weeks... It was a long day, sorry for the long face..

We've gotten the furniture together this past week. And really, when I say "we", I pretty much mean Baby Daddy. The drapes are back up (still need a blind), the dresser is together & so is the rocker.

As you can see, I started doing baby laundry this week too.  First load was just washcloths, receiving blankets & the odd bib & crib sheet. I've done a few more loads since - some tiny clothes (!!!) hooded towels & more crib sheets... love washing the little stuff.


  1. So very exciting to get the nursery set up and clothing washed!!

  2. Love the baskets of blue things! <3 Room looks great!