Saturday, December 25, 2010

Reflections on Christmas...

past & present. And future, although I realize those won't be reflections :P
As J & I wind down from a decidedly low-key day, I can't help but think about how markedly different this Christmas is from last & from what we will be (most likely) experiencing this time next year.

Last year, as in all Christmasses past, we were childless. I spent the holidays with my fam in SK & J with his fam here in NS. IVF was 'in the works' and had been for a while, but so many little obstacles popped up, as is always the way.

This year, I'm 34.5w pregnant after our first IVF attempt was successful. Our son is squirming around in my tummy as I type ("hi Sparkle!!")... This year we didn't exchange gifts with our families - "the baby is everyone's (slightly belated) gift", we said. We were able to get up at our leisure & open the few gifts we had, dine on toast & bacon for brekkie, nap & play Angry Birds to our content, and even throw together a decent turkey-esque dinner...

Next year though, is when the fun will really begin. We will most likely have an 11-11.5mon old in the house, and while he won't "get" Christmas yet, I suspect the energy will be very, very different. We'll have a tree up again (not my little ceramic one that mom made many moons ago), and it will be our little mister's First Christmas. Santa & Christmas Spirit will be alive again, stockings will be hung... somewhere? Gifts from Mommy & Daddy, grandparents & Santa under the tree... I can't wait. Sure, it'll be a bit chaotic - aren't most family holidays though? And isn't the chaos of the toys & wrapping paper, etc what it's all about? "They" say Christmas is for the kids, and I think they're right (whoever they are)... and honestly, I can't wait. God knows we've done enough waiting round these parts.

To those reading whose dreams haven't come true yet, I truly hope 2011 is your year.

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