Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Baby's room!

I took a few minutes and took some shots of kidlet's room tonight. It's pretty much done... well, except the closet needs to be re-organized, but you'll see why :P
So we start our tour to the left of the door when you walk in (facing window). First thing is the crib.The crib blanket & mobile were hand-me-downs from a friend, but hte colors worked well, and hey, can't beat the price. PLUS, cute cows, pigs & sheep. SCORE! Also, the Ikea heart pillow I've had for years. I well, heart it. I'm planning on using it for Spark's monthly 'progress' shots...
This is the shelf above the crib with all of Spark's stuffies on it. Everything from a small herd of cows & teddies to eeyores & other disney ilk.

And here's a better view of the crib quilt... cute, no? Also, the diaper bag I won on eBay. Again, heart. 

Better picture of diaper bag & accoutrements. It's a Fleurville sling that I won for $70 inc. shipping on eBay. They retail in town here for $225. Um, score? Ya, I thought so too. It's missing the wipe container, but I had a Pampers one that works just fine, and otherwise it's in brand-frickin-new condition. Again, SCORE. 

My comfy chair (glider) & ottoman. In the corner where there's currently a bag, I'm going to pick up a little table to put the lamp (matches crib set) and his books (currently in front of dresser).

Dresser with change pad, wipe warmer (from a friend!), various wipes & such, bunch of books, laundry basket & diaper basket (white). Nothing overly exciting, but it's all part of the room...

And uh, the closet. Jam-frickin-packed. THe clothes hanging up are up to the 6-12 month 'category' (not including sleepers...) The Ikea dresser is holding all larger sized clothes, there are a ton of toys to the right of the dresser, and the crib bumpers, and toddler-bed rail are stuffed to the left of the dresser. On top is the Ergo, and a bunch of other stuff I had no home for... Need shelves in room. pronto. Where the hell we're gonna squeeze 'em in, I dunno.

So that's that. I also got his memory book today from another eBay win...  Wasn't a score like the other items I've gotten recently, but I had fallen in LURVE with it at Winners a few months back when I saw it on clearance ($13!) and foolishly didn't pick it up. So I sucked it up, and used money from the baby shower to pick it up full price. But i love love LOVE it. So purty. I've picked up the little photo albums that match it at Winners for $3-4 ea, and plan to put together little albums for the grandmas & aunties... y'know, in my spare time :P

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  1. Very nice! LOVE the colour and the quilt is adorable!