Thursday, December 30, 2010


so, had my 35w u/s (growth & bpp) this morning...

when they got around to my appt, my urine was +2 for protein, and bp was a tad higher than they'd like. 

they've admitted me to do a 24h urine test, more bloods, possibly ANOTHER GD GD test, and monitor spark. who, in addition to being approx 7lbs already, was zoomin through my belly like nobody's business. dr actually got a laugh out of it. 

the plan as far as i know is 24h monitor, hopefully home tmroish. if things don't get better, i could be here a while. hurry up & wait & all that. 

so that's that i guess.. not overly surprised at being admitted, honestly. knew it was a possibility all along. and really, with the way everything else has gone - should we be surprised? :p


  1. ANOTHER GD TEST.... ? K, I'm all for being thorough, but seriously, what do they think is wrong with all of the other gd tests they've done now. Gah. But I'm glad they're looking out for you there. Thinking of you! If not out by Wednesday, we'll come meet for lunch there. :)

  2. I didn't know this blog was here! How wonderful! I just get chills Chelle. Being friends with you since you have tried and conceived. ♥ I'll be back in a bit- have to run to the Fed-Ex. I'm going to love reading this blog. Love ya!