Friday, December 31, 2010

hospital update

so, we got the results of all my tests this afternoon about 3-4h ago... protein's up from yesterday, liver enzymes are up, bp is high but steady... i'm in the early stages of pre-eclampsia, and best thing is to get baby out, but they don't want to get him out before he's ready. and, at 35w3 days, he's not technically 100% baked.

all told, dr wanted to start the induction/cervix ripening process now so it could be done slowly before there is a dire need to get baby out. so they started hooking me up to the monitor close to 3h ago, and finally got a decent reading about an hour later (dude's a squirmer!!). prostin gel was inserted about 5:15, and then another hour on the monitor. in the meantime, they found me a private room, so we're all moved & settled in there. thank god. roomie was nice enough, but i need my own space for this.

there's no telling how long it will take for the prostin to work - could take one dose or four. so once again, we're at the point of hurry up & wait...


  1. Good luck! Here's hoping he holds out to 36 weeks!

  2. Good Luck guys! Sending lots of love & strength (hugs)

  3. Crossing my fingers, my toes, arms and legs for you (should make housework fun today!) that you two make it to 36 weeks (only a couple of days - you can do it!). Keep us posted, I can't believe Baby Joel is going to be a New Year's Baby (more or less)!!