Monday, December 7, 2009

From yellow light...

to this (see pic @ left). Yup, yellow & green. That's hurry up & wait if I've ever seen it ;)

It's been 7.5 months since we were given a 'proceed with caution' message from the FC. To recap, we were yellow-lighted in the sense that yes, technically we could go ahead, but it was strongly recommended that I lose some weight, and we (read: *I*) had to get some tests redone. which turned into a 3 month wait for surgery, and now a 3 month wait for followup. YIKES.

So anyway. I had my followup with Dr. B at the FC today... she had been worried after the experience at the hysteroscopy that if conditions in my cervical area didn't improve, transfer would be next to impossible. So, 8;30 in the morning, I got to 'wake up' with a quick internal exam. wheee! :P And thankfully, the meds the OB has prescribed have been working their magic :D All in all, Dr. B. was happy with how things are looking - although a bit red, it's much clearer & easier to access the cavity than in September or May. Added bonus, the exam was much MUCH less painful than those earlier this year, and really than any in the recent past. Big Ass (wrong end? hah) Hurdle: cleared.

With things down there looking a lot better, Dr. B cleared us for IVF in JAN (!!), but with my limited sick time and the OB followup not until mid-Feb, I figured it would be best if we wait til then & revisit. I mean, really. It's been almost 3 years since she told us that this is the course we were going to have to take. What's 3ish more months, right? (Me... patience of a saint :P)  If we cycle before April, J doesn't have to do another SFA… Dr. B had  suggested waiting to cycle until things are less stressy, but we're just finishing slow season, and it won't come around again until next Octoberish, so really, pfft. March could be realistic though. Swee.Point of all that, we're cleared, but still waiting...

Of course, there was a weight convo...
Dr. B: well, if you're cycling soon, you should be working to lose some weight
ME: (standing up for myself for once) well actually, since I was here in April, I've lost over 5% of my body weight....
Dr. B: *flustered* oh uhh, well that's good then. continue working towards 10%....
ME: that was the plan, but..... (explained how I got sidetracked with the effing setbacks & hurdles the last 5 months or so...)
I was actually proud of myself for not just saying "ya ya..."

But anyway. At the end of the appt, I met with one of the clinic nurses, and now have the lab reqs for blood work for us & general swabs for me, which I'll have the OB do at HER followup in Feb. After which I'll call the clinic, and see where we're at..


  1. Here's hoping you're all set to go for March! Yippee. Everything I'm possibly able to cross is crossed for you. Let's get this show on the road! :-)

  2. Now I will be looking forward to March. :)))

    me = grinning because I'm imagining a big, huge, congats coming at you in April/end of March! This is exciting.

    I know it's been slow, to say the least, but soon! Soon! Soon! :)

  3. Oh and you do realize what a March cycle means right? That you could very well have a Christmas baby next year! I think that would be a pretty damn awesome present to receive! Maybe he/she would even get to be born on your Dad's birthday :-)

  4. 1) I love green lights.
    2) Waiting for your own reasons is somewhat easier than for someone else's, non?
    3) My birthday is in March, which means it's automatically lucky.
    4) Dude, if the stars align right, we could totally be pregnant at the same time. But if I have to pick only one of us getting pregnant, I pick you, K?

  5. Oh, and, way to go on standing up for you and your 5%!!!