Tuesday, December 8, 2009

enquiring minds want to know...

100th post!  And for that, something special. let's call it "the sketchiest timeline evah". Because really, there are a LOT of factors that can affect things in here... But people have been asking what the timeline would be, and i'm happy to indulge in some positive thinking/dreaming...

Given the follow up from the OB is Feb 19, and my last cycle was 31 days (but average is closer to 40), let's say my 1st CD1 after OB appt is Mar 1.  We'll call that point zero. Starting there, sketchy protocol would be as follows... Suppression meds would start mar 22 (CD21). approx 7-10 days after get AF. let's say 10, so  so that's Apr 1. (CD1 - active cycle). then meds meds meds & lots of u/s to see how things are coming along. If all is well, trigger approx day 13 (apr 14 - PM) and Egg Retrieval 36 hours after that. (Apr 16).  If things are going as they should (and really, we're doing IVF + ICSI, the sperm don't really have to DO much), we'd do a 5 day transfer, so ET would be Apr 21. then approx 16 days til beta (which is like 21 DPO, really), so beta around may 7. baby = sometime january. My bday = Jan 30. The perfect bday gift? I think so.

ETA - that would be my 35th birthday... My mom was 35 when she had me (ok, 35 & 4.5 mos, who's counting?), and I swore up and down I'd never be THAT old when I had my kid(s). Oh if only I knew...


  1. I will also accept that as an early birthday present for March. :oD

  2. That is massively exciting. :)

    I'm thinking "positively" for you guys as well. Just imagining next January and the anticipation there will be about THAT delivery. I'm thinking you won't be able to get in the door what with the stalkers, lmao.

  3. That sounds like a great timeline and an awesome Birthday present. :)