Sunday, May 31, 2009

HSG update..

After my failed HSG-attempt last week, I figured I'd have to just reschedule on my own when my next CD1 rolled around, and hope to get on the procedure list at the hospital, and hope for the best. Well. I got a call at work on Tuesday morning from the clinic from one of the REs. Long story short, they're going to try the procedure again, this time with me under some level of anaesthetic. I go in on Thursday to sign consents, etc. Not sure when they'll do the procedure, will probably know more then.

I have to say though, when the dr. called, she was kinda chuckling, and it pissed me off to NO EFFING END. Because I didn't quite feel bad enough about not being able to get the procedure over with the first time, now I have my dr. laughing at me/my situation. niiiiiiiiice. Of course they're the only clinic within 2.5 hours, so really, what other choice do we have? Not like we can pick up and try somewhere else.

and why is it everytime i try and type HSG, it comes out HST? gah. taxes on the brain!

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  1. That's rotten. You'd think they're medical professionals and would have seen it all. I'm usually bothered because they're bored by my symptoms, but what the heck are they laughing at you for?