Monday, October 27, 2008

Who else?

I went through a phase in August where there were like 6 or 7 pg announcements in a week-ish long period. And I was pretty low about the whole thing. But then it passed, and I got over it, and life got really busy, and c'est ca. There were a few announcements (and a beautiful new baby boy to friends here), but it was all good. Held a 8-hour-old baby, my heart melted a bit, 'sall good.

Fast forward to last week - 3 announcements between Mon & Wed, and y'know, I was ok with it. Even the complete surprise ones, I was cool. Not just because these are my friends, and I should be happy for my friends, but I was also leaving my job of almost 4 years, had a weekend getaway planned, and honestly - being down about the whole thing would've taken tooo much energy from me. So, I was happy for them, and left it at that.

Then, while I was away - another pg possibility. Not 100% confirmed yet, but I'm thinking things will lean that way. Still happy for everyone (and v. hopeful that #3.5 sticks!).

Last night - #4.5. A friend's sister. Yay for the happy couple!! Still doing all right, even though I'm just back from a weekend away, a shitload of announcements and the starting of a new job just a few hours later.

Tonight. #5.5. A friend who has struggled with a number of failed IVF attempts, is pg. I should be all WAHOO, right? mmm, maybe not so much. She's 20 weeks pg, with a girl (!!!), and I can't help but be all blarghy about it. Maybe it's the fact that it's at 20 weeks, or that it's finally settling in that it's not us (again).

Added to the people who announced between that last post and now, I think I'm friends with 1 kabillion pregnant people. Seriously, you say? I am. I can't count the numbers, because I run out of fingers & toes. And that's not including a number of internet acquaintences who I"m not as close with, but "know", y'know?

Bah. With the new job, as soon as I'm eligible for health coverage (which will be as soon as my term is extended. How's that for positive thinking???), I'll be calling the clinic to start testing & stuff so we can cycle. I'm done waiting. Shit or get off the pot, y'know? Still doesn't make all those announcements in the meantime any easier to swallow. Bah.

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  1. I hear you. And of never gets easier unfortunately. On Saturday I have to co- host a baby shower where all of the guests except me are either pregnant or already have babies. I'm the last of my group of 4 girlfriends who isn't having a baby. And all of the other 3 have girls to carry on our 25 year friendship to the next generation. Friggin' sucks being infertile.

    I hope you can get you IVF started soon!! Good luck!