Friday, November 21, 2008

same ol, same ol.

I don't even know the point to posting. It's the same ol' same ol'. Got an email this morning saying that a friend is pg. Most of me is excited for them, but the rest of me? grumpalicious. Well, not even grumpy, just saddish. I then whined in an e-mail to a former co-worker, and she was like "Seriously...I have never met someone who knows so many people getting pregnant....Holy!!" Uh ya. I win the award for "Number of most pregnant friends". You can keep the effing ribbon, but thanks anyway.

J & I were having dinner with a good friend last weekend, and she mentioned that they've been trying for 2 years now, and nada, and it breaks my heart. Why do good people have to go through this shit? It seems like every drug dealer and high school kid can get pg, but yet the people who would be phenomenal parents? Nope. As much as it seems like it would be good to have 'someone else in our camp', I don't wish infertility on ANYONE. baaaaaaaaah.

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