Friday, November 28, 2008

I know she meant well, but

Come on, on my birthday??? Shit, come on!

One of my best friends phones me for my birthday. She and I were bridesmaids for each other, we've been friends for over 10 years. While we have drifted apart a bit since we both got married, we still keep in touch. She knows about our struggles - we've talked about it pretty frankly. So during our conversation on my birthday, she brings it up, asking how we're doing, when we'll hear from the clinic, etc etc etc. So I'm getting a bit suspicious and although I don't want to ask the dreaded question, I know I need to, so I ask her "So, how are you guys doing?" And get the dreaded response that I've heard so many freakin' times now "Well, I'm fairly early, 2 months along..."

I LOST IT. I bawled. I almost hung up the phone on her. She kept saying "I didn't want to tell you tonight" - then why the fuck did you bring up our fertility issues??? Had you not said a word, I wouldn't have talked, or asked about you. I'm postitive she was fishing to see if I had good news so that she could share with me. But fuck. On my birthday! We talked for about 15 mins after and after I hung up the phone I started to bawl - oh yeah, did I mention my parents were here this weekend so I had to try to put on a "happy face" to say I'm going to bed at 9 pm? My mom knew something was wrong and asked me, but I lied and said I was just tired. My mom knows nothing of our issues and I didn't plan on telling her then.

Sigh. How come they always manage to ambush me with announcements as I'm PMS'ing? And today, just like I expected, I'm out of the 2WW for the 20th(?) time. Oh and I've got 1091 days until my self-imposed cutoff date on procreation.

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  1. OH FUCK. So not cool. *HUG* I can't believe she thought that was a good time to bring it up. I don't get it. And as sweet as she can be, that was a pretty assy thing to do, I"m sorry :(