Friday, August 29, 2008

Is everyone pregnant?

DISCLAIMER: I don't begrudge (almost) anyone their children.

But seriously. It seems that everyone (on the internet, anyway) is pregnant. And those ppl I know IRL - yup, many of them are pregnant too. A lot of these people have struggled with infertility for quite a while, trying various meds & procedures, and are finally en route to becoming parents. And I'm really happy for them. I'm happy for the ones that didn't have to use any sort of intervention to become pregnant too.

And then there's us. Sittin on the bench, watching pregnancies progress, holding the babies that these couples have worked so hard to bring into the world, and I'm just so conflicted. Happy for these families, but my heart breaks a little bit each time, as it's still not us. Still not our little red-headed, near-sighted, pocket-protector-wearing bebes, that I've been envisioning since I met J over 10 years ago.

I guess we're just at 'that age' where everyone's having babies. Nothing we can do about it, really. Just suck it up and be ready for when it's finally our turn., eh? Totally easier said than done.

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