Friday, August 29, 2008

Add me to the whiners list

Chelle has been kind enough to add me as an author - whee! I'm an author! :p I feel so "authoritarian" - hah. Yes, I have no life.

Guess I should introduce myself. I'm Christie, my husband J and I have been trying to conceive for 15 months. Not long in the grand scheme of things, but time starts to do funny things on your psyche. We have a referral in to a fertility clinic, but haven't been called yet. My family doc has been wonderfully proactive and has prescribed tests of all sorts, and Clomid. I'm on my third round of Clomid right now, but not feeling terribly optimistic. There's been no sign of anything wrong with either of us, other than that I have a slightly short LP. Grrrrrr. I took Depo for 8 years, so I've been wondering if that has any bearing on the time it's taking.

So yeah, that's me. Now onto my rant. That's for another post......

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