Friday, August 29, 2008

Now for some ranting

I fucking hate Facebook. Okay, I like Word Twist. And kinda being a voyeur in people's lives. But that comes at such a cost. It means being privy to every twinge, vomit and pain of a woman's pregnancy. And the gleeful announcement in the status updates. And that fucking sucks. I can't count the number of FB pregnancy announcements I've seen on there. And most of them have stung pretty badly. And then I have to endure nine months of whining, moaning and then the joyous little babe. I love babies. Think they're adorable. But some births suck more than others. There's one girl who has a three month old that I haven't even acknowledged her babe - or even her pregnancy because I was so pissed it was her instead of me. Yup. That's pretty pathetic. And I realise that I'll likely be a hypocrite down the road, btw - I'm sure that some mention of a pregnancy may slip out on FB from me. But if I EVER bitch and whine and complain, you have every right to bitch me out.

And now... onto web boards. I love my friends online, but it's getting harder and harder to be around there. I'm tired again of the whining and complaining, the constant worrying, the FUCKING INABILITY TO USE A SEARCH FUNCTION WHILE PREGNANT, and all of the "oh god, I think I might be pregnant, how do I tell?" posts. Take a fucking test and learn a teensy bit about your fucking cycle maybe. The hysteria over listeriosis has caused me to reach out and strangle my monitor on occasion. It kills me. I'm such a sucker for punishment. I WANT to read about pregnancy to understand what it's like, to understand, to prepare so that hopefully when I get pregant I won't have such stupid questions. :p Yeah, good luck with that, right? But it kills me to go in there and see the whining and the hysteria and the stuff like that. Because it just reminds me of all the stuff I don't have and haven't experienced.

My husband? Doesn't get this at all. Doesn't care every month if it's a bust. Isn't concerne at all. Doesn't understand why I get upset. I love the man, but he just doesn't get it.

Aaaah. I feel much better. Thanks for the rant.


  1. uh ya. How do women in their mid 20s-30s NOT know that unprotected sex can & (usually) will result in pregnancy?!?!?

    I'd say "hey, let's make a board for us infertiles" but I've been part of that. And then all the infertiles get pg, and I'm still sittin around. So scratch that. I feel left out enough as is.

  2. I get annoyed with facebook crap too. I can't imagine how annoying it is for you guys.