Sunday, October 24, 2010


didn't realize it'd been almost a month since I last posted. Bad bad blogger/mommy. I've been busy though. Crazy crazy busy. Dad left at the beg of the month, then it was Thanksgiving, and then I headed out west to visit the rest of the fam for my last solo(ish) trip. Had a great trip, visited with friends & family, even met my future daughter-in-law! See, most of my friends here have boys... like, overwhelmingly so. And all the babies to be in the next while that I'm aware of are also boys. So when a friend in SK had a little girl at the end of Sept, I claimed her as my baby boy's bride-to-be. :D

anyway. Things have been going along pretty well here... had another ultrasound on the 14th and baby's up to about 2lbs already! Still in the 90th percentile for growth - "a big baby...", and cute as ever (you can see latest ultrasound pic here)...

A good friend threw a shower for us today, and our friends spoiled us/baby rotten :) I didn't take any pictures at the shower (waiting for pics from a friend), but I did take one shot of the goodies after we got home. outfits, toys, washcloths & such - so  much baby goodness <3 One of my favorite pieces though, is the following onesie - isn't it awesome? :D

I will add more pics from the day and a more detailed recap later, but for now I'll just say it was a great day with good friends, good food, games  & some super cute baby gear :) Thanks again to all those who made this a super special day & those who couldn't make it but sent gifts.


  1. hah! awesome onesie! Glad you had fun. Wish I could have been there. We'll be down to Hali probably before Xmas and will bring your stuff then :D

  2. Your future DIL and her family wish they could've been there and will send the gift once her mom decides on it. I mean, the first gift to her FMIL? It has to be well thought out! :oD

  3. :) I am so glad you like the onesie!