Saturday, October 30, 2010


J & I went to go test drive/most likely pay for the stroller we'd decided on today. Got to the store and found out that that specific stroller has been backordered until Januaryish. Thing is, J called the same damn store on Monday, and they said it was available. So we drove all the way out there (half hour from home, plus crappy parking & store layout), and no stroller. I was LIVID. She starts showing us similar models, but I was just pissed. All I could smell was bait & switch. Lure us in, and then "oops, not available..." in hopes we'd buy something else, likely more expensive. Back in the summer I researched strollers for HOURS. Evenings on end. This was the only one that seemed to hit every criterion I/we had - lightweight, suitable from newborn, etc. And now, I get to do it all over again. I am NOT happy. Plus research the infant car seats, and find the best combo. FUN! (not).

y'know, I know that pregnancy/TTC/life in general shouldn't really be easy for anyone (except super lucky assholes with horseshoes firmly embedded up their arse), but my god. how many years we waited to finally attempt (and y es, be successful) pregnancy, then J has a stroke. Find a stroller, foiled again. Can't anything go smoothly? I know it doesn't seem like much, but we've got enough stuff we still have to figure out (other baby gear - swing, pack & play, put together furniture, actually dealing with said baby once he arrives), I hate to have to uncross something off the list and do it again. I've tried looking into stuff tonight, and i don't have it in me.

I have the pictures from last weekend's shower, and I'll try and put them up tomorrow in between ghosts & goblins...  

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  1. Aww! :( Seen in that light, I totally get your frustration. I remember with M's pg, I felt a bit like this. It's my girl, my last baby, can nothing go right? Let's have 5 million US's just to make life a BIT more busy.. I swear, it took me 6 months pp to CALM DOWN. Not the same thing, I realize, but there comes a point when so much is going on at once that it feels the opposite of what you've imagined. *hugs*

    They are total @$$holes over there, too. Did you complain when this happened, or explain how it made you feel to hear one thing, then come over and find out it's not the case? They need to hear this. Send a complaint letter if you have the energy to do it. Have you tried uncommon kids? Don't know if they have this brand, but might be worth a shot.

    If that doesn't work? Order online from a retailer with a really great return policy. There must be somewhere, right?

    Or be prepared to sell it in the unlikely event that it ends up being totally not what you want. It really sounds like you've done your research, though, I'm sure it would be fine?