Tuesday, September 28, 2010

22 weeks! (pics..)

Here's a pic of me taken last night after work. Almost 22 weeks... so hard to believe.

Here's a shot of my dad finishing up the trim in the nursery.. I love how the paint turned out. So bright & cheery. We're going to go with dark furniture & a denim-y blue trim, which I think will tone things down a tad... 

While Dad & J painted, I was "errand girl". The go-fer of sorts. Go fer sandpaper, go fer rollers, etc. But really, the hat says it all ;) I was the boss, they were the 'honey - do' guys.

Things are trucking along fine. Happy to have baby's room somewhat finished. I'm feeling pretty good still. I've felt a few kicks, but still not really often. That I'm aware of anyway. Can't tell between digestion & baby (I'm slow like that, hah). While dad & J were painting, I took the clothes we've got so far & organized them a bit. Just to see what I had bought, and what I'd stashed in the "baby gift" drawer that I wanted to keep for our kidlet :P And now I have little piles of little clothes. At least one outfit for each size up to 24 mon :P They still need to be washed, but it's something. We got the first gifts off our registry last week too! The jolly jumper, a Sophie, and a rear-view mirror so whoever's driving can keep an eye on baby boy. It's all getting real now!

Enough 'blathering' though. will update again when there's something to update :)

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