Tuesday, September 14, 2010


20! weeks! pregnant!

I cannot believe that theoretically there are fewer days until we meet the baby than there have been so far in the pregnancy.

Today was my 20 week OB appt... Things went rather well. my BP was decent (although I think the med student bust a few blood vessels in my arm. OW), heartbeat was in the 150-155 range, did the trutol test for gestational diabetes.. our maternal serum screening results were in. Based on my age alone, there was a 1:304 chance of defect (Downs, Trisomy 18 or spina bifida), but when they figured in the blood tests & 12w u/s, chances went waaaaaaaay down. Spina Bifida was 1:10,000 (virtually nil), Trisomy 18 1:5000 and Down's 1:1200ish. He was pretty happy with the results overall... said after Thursday's u/s those may go down even more.

I"m feeling pretty good. I think I've been letting myself get dehydrated on the weekends, bc I end up getting awfully lightheaded Sunday afternoons. I drink water all through the week (when i'm in the office anyway), but totally don't drink enough at home. i knwo i've got to fix that, but damned if i'll figure out how to remind myself. Here's the 20week belly pic....

I've got to go find some yoga pants & maternity jeans. Weather's taken a turn for the friggin cold here, and I don't think I'll be able to get away with capris & flip flops as long as I'd hoped, dammit.

ETA: OH! i have been meaning to post this for a while now (as it happened 2 weeks ago)... I felt *A* kick. I was laying in bed one night (on my tummy... i know, i know), and everything was calm... then *THUNK*. i was a bit freaked at first, until I figured out what it was. I probably have felt more than just hte one, but nothing definitive. Still hoping that i feel it more regularly soon. Can't wait to see little sparkle flippin & floppin on Thursday at the u/s... i'm already in lurve :)

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  1. Happy half-baked day! So exciting to feel a little kick, glad your appointment went so well.