Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today's ultrasound...

Well, the 20w u/s was this morning, and everything is measuring really well. Baby is beautiful, and quite active (thanks, OJ!). Dr. measured him to be in about the 89th percentile right now, so he's telling me to expect a big baby, but who knows what exactly that means.. regardless, we're quite happy with the news that our SON is healthy & growing like a weed. He's measuring approximately 14oz.. almost a pound already, insane.

Honestly, I am a tad bit sad that it's not a girl. I was ok with the news (I think I 'knew' but was holding out hope) that it was a boy until we were at the mall tonight. all the super-cute girly stuff - the little argyle tights, silver slippers, dresses & skirts... is stuff that I'll never get to buy. And can't even really buy as a gift, as all my friends here have boys too. If nothing else, having a boy will probably be easier on my wallet than a girl - less "omgit'ssocute"...  fewer shiny, distracting things when baby's a boy than a girl ;) and lord knows i'm easily distracted by cute & shiny :)

All that said, I'm sure that when baby is born I'll love him and feed him and he'll be absolutely perfect, and I'll wonder why I ever wanted a girl in the first place, but for now, I reserve the right to be a tad bit sad for the girl I won't have. Call it pregnancy hormones or something, who knows.

As for the poll that was up here, over half said it was going to be a girl. On one of my chat boards they predicted boy, and another board's poll predicted girl, so noone really knew :P

I'll scan the pictures we got when I'm at work tomorrow and post 'em then. toodles!


  1. As you know I can relate to the twinge of "I'm happy but sad all at the same time". It truly is when you go shopping that it hits home the most - so many cute things as you said and there just doesn't seem to be the equivalent in the boys' department. Frustrating. You have every right to feel what you are feeling. Own it.

  2. Well, you know ONE girl. ;)

    I get what you mean, though. I was a bit disappointed when Evan wasn't a girl, but he's his own little person, and I can't honestly say I can imagine him not being here. If he'd been a girl, we probably would have stopped at 2.

    Joel will probably eventually have kiddos of his own, maybe a couple of girls, who you will be able to buy really super frilly things for. How's that for thinking long term? ;-) That'll only be another.. Ehm.. Maybe 25-30 yrs. Isn't that a hilarious thought? All of us as grandparents? MILs? Ha.

    And this is YOUR son, which will be awesome. Congrats!

  3. Hey Michelle, you know how I felt when Ben was pronounced boy. Meh, it's what life through at you and you are totally allowed to mourn the girl that he is not, but you know what, boys are the amazing and he will be so awesome you'll wonder why you ever wanted a girl :)
    Oh, boys are so not easier on the pocket book. Way too many cute boy things. Way too many...