Sunday, September 12, 2010

Honey, do...

I mean "honeydew". oops :P (or do I??? hmmm...)

We bought a sample jar of paint at Home Depot this weekend, and did a test run in the baby's room. The color we're going with is Honeydew by Behr. Painting in our house is usually a bit chaotic, so it doesn't happen often. But we gave it the college try. Here's the test once the tape came down...
Now, remember it's just 1 coat of flat finish paint + primer over a dark purply grey color, so another proper coat of paint will just finish it off.We'll be painting the trim again, bc the previous owners didn't believe in taping, and couldn't edge to save their souls. Not that I/we are so great, but there's purple on the front of the closet frame,etc. For the record, accent colors in the room will be pink or blue, depending on teh results of thursday's ultrasound, and no real 'theme', although there will probably be a plethora of cow stuff...

The room is essentially 8x10, as the closet juts into the room. We're keeping the trim & doors white, but trying to figure out what to do for furniture. the crib (convertible to double bed) & dresser/change table we're looking at are available in both white & espresso finishes. It's a small room, but I think the color will be bright enough that it can hold a few pieces of dark furniture. Or should we stick with white furniture which could create an uber-bright room? To me, dark furniture is classic & gender neutral; it'll grow with either a boy or girl. Whereas white furniture... eh. I like it, but it kinda screams girl to me. Not so much in the beginning, but will a 13 year old boy want white furniture? i'm going to say no :P

I realize I'm totally over-thinking, but that comes with living with hubs for 10 years... he's the king of overthinking things :P Your thoughts??


  1. I love white furniture for kids. Are you really thinking this furniture will still be the kid's in 13 years? I mean, you can always sell it and get different stuff if (potential) he doesn't like it later.

  2. Love the coloure! White is girlie to me *shrug* sorry....but when they're lil' babies it doesn't matter....10+ years it'll matter if baby H is Boy....though u COULD paint it but in all honestly, r u goin to want to paint it?! Dark wood is classy for girls and masculine for boys, it's win, win. (Spoken from the mother of 2 girls--1 with white room, one with darker)'s your pref. who gives 2 craps what I have to say hehe your baby, your house,your room, your what makes you both happy (and btw...don't hold strong to the using the convertible bed until they're teenagers...we got to age 5 and had to get a new suite) <3 Good luck. Whatever u choose will be perfect!

  3. I'm kind of in the same corner as you - white seems "girly" for some reason to me. I mean it is fine if Baby H is a girl of course but I think with the white doors and trim that you could pull off the dark furniture. All of our trim and doors are white and the boys' cribs and furniture are dark and it looks fine. It is more classic and timeless, imho.

  4. I never thought of white as girly, but now that you mention it. White may be easier to match later if you wanted to add a nightstand or desk. Sorry I probably didn't help.