Tuesday, August 17, 2010

16 week update

uh ya. 16 weeks. can you believe??? All sources (babycentre, my ticker :P) agree that the baby is now approx the size of an avocado... crazy.

After the "who's your doctor" clusterfork (explained midway through this post), I got a call from the clinic with an appt date for today, with one of the OB from the clinic who did my ET (let's call her Dr. Evil)... Now, this wasn't who was supposed to be following me for my pg, but it turns out that he-who-will-be-my-OB (Dr Y) is just on vacation, and I'll see him next month. Phew.

Anyway, we go in for the appt, they get the weight (ugh) and pee sample, then we wait for a bit. The resident came in, took my health history, did a bit of a physical exam, and then went to get Dr. Evil. J said that from the moment she walked in, you could feel the tension ... oops? Thankfully the resident or intern did most of the actual 'doctoring'.

In the less-than-10-min we saw Dr. Evil, we argued about why I was seeing her, instead of Dr Y. I told her that the referral never got sent over and she said that was "BULL" (then explain why I wasn't scheduled for an appt bw 8 & 16 weeks besides the u/s????) , and when I told her that my GP's replacement told me to reduce my BP meds, she flatly told me i shouldn't have done that. Whatev. Thing was that my BP at the GP appt was 120/82 after a crappy sleep, no meds yet that day, running around to drop stuff off at hte hospital for J, etc, while my BP at today's appt was up a bit, after having appts in the morning to get J discharged from the hosp (yay!) and had drank a bit more caffeine than usual, so I didn't think it was too bad. I explained that with J's stroke I was the only driver, and I didn't want to be lightheaded while driving, yadda yadda. she finally backed off, but srsly. it was tense :P On top of that, I often have 'white coat syndrome', so it probably WAS normal, except I knew I was going to have to see her...  Oh yes. Then she told me that I'll probably have to do my Trutol test early (like 20 w), which I can only assume is because she expects me to have Gestational Diabetes. Y'know, bc I'm fat and all. Oy. I so hope to prove her wrong :P

I will give her credit though, in that she was able to find the heartbeat... which sounded pretty forking amazing.  She didn't give an actual number, but when I offered that it was about 155bpm at the 12w u/s, she said that was 'about right'.

Next appt is the 14th of Sept (20 weeks!!!) with Dr Y, and then 2 days later is the BIG u/s. I definitely want to find out the baby's sex - I feel that we've had enough uncertainty to deal with lately, dammit...

So that's that for now. i have a bit of a bump that's formed right under my boobs, but baby is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY down in the pelvic region, so it's just displaced organs & such. Otherwise, feeling pretty good overall. 


  1. I was fat and all with the last 2 babies and I never had gestinational diabetes. I hate when they say it. It may be true, but still...

    16 weeks! Yay!

  2. Glad you got to hear an amazing heart beat!
    What an awful doctor!! I'm sorry you had to deal with her.