Monday, July 26, 2010

Sorry for not posting... (long)

I started this post almost a week ago. I do not have the energy in me to finish the post I meant to write, so I'll shorten it up a bit, and post portions of what I've written to date.
well hol-eeee crap. I'm 12 weeks along today!! There are (hopefully) less than 200 days til we meet the baby!!!

here goes... consider yourselves warned. :p a lot has happened, a lot will be written. Things have been a bit of a roller coaster lately. The babe & I are fine, but otherwise things have been crazy... Short story - argued back & forth with work for 2 weeks over a clarification on FOUR lines in our collective agreement re: medical appointments for pg employees, and in the meantime, hb had a mild stroke. much time spent in hospitals & freaking the heck out. very frustrated the clinic & work... Things are getting to be relatively normal now - the 'new normal', anyway.

longer story..
8w u/s - last real update. u/s looked good, RE gave me referral to an OB & blood reqs for MSS screening. I was notified the next day that the Nuchal u/s (12weekish) was booked for 12w2d, but I didn't really hear from anyone regarding an appt or anything. I started getting a little concerned, as I hadn't seen my GP (she's on sabbatical & has a replacement), and the OB's office hadn't called yet to set up an appt. But people kept assuring me this was normal, so I went on with life as it was. I ended up booking an appt with the GP's replacement for the week before u/s, and when I relayed the confusion over who was following my pregnancy, she suggested I call the OB's office... so I called them the next day (three weeks after i was last at the clinic), and turns out my referral was never forwarded from the clinic!!! Then the next day I finally hear back from clinic re: appt with OB. SEriously, three weeks and change to get the referral from one office to the other? they're down the road from each other. Gah.

Meanwhile, on the evening of July 2, J had a minor stroke. We spent all day July 3 in hospital (he didn't tell me he wasn't feeling well on the 2nd, waited til the next AM - MEN!), and he was admitted that night. The stroke was caused by a bleed in the brain, and affected his arm & leg on the left side. I am thankful to report that he's come a long way in 2.5 weeks, and was moved to the rehab hospital today, after the drs got his BP under control. But I digress. For the week or so after the stroke, my manager essentially ignored the fact that my husband had HAD A STROKE when interacting with me, and could not understand why I was being abrupt with him when he'd bring up the leave thing (which he didn't get settled for over two weeks). Umm, the fact I showed up - good. Abrupt? comes with the territory, all things considered. Finally that whole shamozzle got settled, but not until his Admin Asst basically laid out my side of the story in blunt form for him so he could realize he'd been being a bit of an arse :P Nice to have people on my side for once.

So ya, that's kind of where I've been. between hospitals & running around like a madwoman.. oh, and chiro. because of course, 13 hours of sitting in a chair at ER effed up my back :( I"m almost walking normally now, but not quite. Got over my fear of chiro really quickly, seeing as it's one of the only 'remedies' pg ppl can use for pain relief. here's hoping things the next 13 weeks only get better...


  1. Acccctually, that was remarkably short! (ie. Non-existant) Lol

    I think there was a problem posting this entry?

  2. OK, I can see it now! Sorry about that.. I think it must have been a blackberry/blogger issue. :P

    And I'm glad you're hanging in there.