Friday, July 23, 2010

12w u/s..

Sorry for not being around lately - I have a post started to explain what all's been going on, but in the meantime, I can tell you that we had our 2nd ultrasound yesterday, and the doctors are really happy with how Baby H. is growing. What a difference a month makes - baby's got arms & legs, a cute lil nose, lips, belly, all sorts of things. So cute <3 I have put a labeled copy of the picture on the ultrasound pic page. Interestingly, both the fellow & the OB who looked at the u/s said that they could see a second sac, but it was empty. I'm not really surprised, I mean, we put wo embies in, and I could've SWORN i was having twins at first... so, who knows. Just thought that was kinda neat.

Next ultrasound is a whole 8 weeks away. God, it's going to seem like forever. But it's up at the same place we had yesterday's hour-long u/s, and this will be the detailed anatomy scan... including baby's sex if we're interested. Still trying to decide whether or not to get that part done, but I guess we have about 8 more weeks to decide. We don't want to pay to find out, but I think that with everything else going on, it makes the most sense. So start making your guesses over in the poll (to your right).


  1. I love it! Great looking kiddo already. <3

  2. That is cool that there is another sac. You may have been right all along. Mother's intuition rules!