Friday, August 27, 2010

17weekish update...

Not much going on here. I signed us up for prenatal classes today - 6 nights over the next 3 months. Weird how they schedule things but whatev. They're free - guess you can't ask too much :P

In slightly more exciting news, i think I can say that I am finally sporting a little bit of a baby belly. Now, I'm a bit of a 'fluffy' girl to begin with, so it's really just an enlargement of the mid-belly roll (bw boobs & tummy), but ah well.

Been feeling fairly good - bit off today, but other than that, pretty darn good for almost 18 weeks. I think we're going to do up the registry next weekend. Have to go to the mall for a hair appt anyway. Suggestions on what to put on the registry? We know what crib we're getting, can't get the stroller we want at Sears (or TRU for that matter).. but it's alll the other stuff I don't know what to put on there.


  1. Yay!
    Crib sheets
    Receiving blankets
    Bouncy chair
    Jolly jumper
    High chair
    Tummy or playmat
    Playyard (handy for changing baby downstairs)

    Ella currently rotates between saucer, jumper and playmat, and naps in her swing :)

    Ella currently rotates between playmate, saucer, and jolly jumper (her favorite think)

  2. Stupid iPhone :P just ignore that I said something twice :P

  3. I'm going to send you an email a friend sent me when I was pg with Nat and the list of all the 'things' you really 'need' for a kid. After that, its the fun of 'picking stuff'!! So exciting! :)

  4. Great photo!
    I wish I had advise for you on the baby stuff.. all my friends Love Love the boppy pillow.