Saturday, June 19, 2010

Touching base... and a link for y'all to check out.

hey ladies :) Sorry for not keeping in touch lately. Things have been going rather well - not overly nauseous, not horribly tired as EVERYONE said I would be.My boobs are growing (finally... only waited 35 years to have a decent rack), i'm bloating a bit & had to buy mat pants about a week ago, and have had a few odd cravings (spaghetti bolognese or Mushroom Fried Rice anyone?), but honestly, I've felt pretty damn good. I'm happy. My RMT told me that I ... "look happy. There used to be a sadness, and now it's gone" (and that was before beta even!).

Our u/s for 'counting the babies' is on tuesday, and both J & I are looking SO forward to it. Like I've told mom, I will be more surprised if there is only one baby than if there are two, but we'll see. Other than 'litter theory', I have really nothing to base my theories on, but we'll see. Speaking of the u/s - there are only a few days left to vote in the polls to the right if you haven't already done so. As of this morning, there have been 16 votes for how many - only two of you have thought it's a singleton, so looks like I'm not in the minority thinking it's a couple babies :) Thankfully, no one has voted "OTHER", and for that, I love y'all even more. As for the twin breakdown, 10/12 think it's boy/girl. I'd love a girl, J'd love a boy, this would please everyone. But seriously, "as long as they're healthy" is all that matters.

In parting, please check out Murgdan's thoughts on "Leaving" IF .. this post, (and her intro post from her other blog "you can check out anytime you like...") really hit home. And they go back to what I was saying in my last post. just because I'm pregnant now, it doesn't negate any of our struggles from the past 4-5 years.

Anyway, I promise to post on Tuesday sometime after the u/s!

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