Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So much for mother's intuition...

... and well, most of yours as well, I suppose ;) We had our 8w u/s today, and there was one little pea in the pod, heart beating good & strong. I will scan our picture tomorrow at work. But yay, baby M or J due sometime early 2011!!!

here are hte poll results...


  1. Yippee for a good, strong heart beat! I had submitted my vote based on Jen's reading, not because I was hoping for just one or being pessimistic. She's just damn good. My guess is you'll get a member for Team Pink ;-)

  2. Hey one or two... who cares, 'cause its a BABY!!! Just so excited for you!!

    And I vote Team Blue so Dean has a friend!

  3. I hope it's a girl, 'cause Maddie needs girlfriends, but if it's a boy, she can just marry him, hehee. Either way, I'm pleased as punch for ya. :D