Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I survived the wanding and bloodwork, but it was an experience for sure. I was quite dehydrated, so it was super hard to get any blood out of my veins. Like, multiple pokes, and a total of 1/2 vial. Oops? Then the u/s showed… you guessed it… a 2cm fluid-filled cyst on righty. (Did I not call that??)
So, not sure what will happen next. Three scenarios..
1) stay on same dose of suprefact for another week, and redo downreg next week/start stims next week
2) start stims tomorrow as planned
3) come in later this week to have cyst drained, and start stims ???

I will find out later today what the plans are.. I'll keep you posted of course...

ETA - my Estrogen levels were high (it was only day 13 of Suprefact, technically), so another week of snortage, and we'll redo the downreg us & bw next wednesday, with stims hopefully starting the next day. I know it's only another week, and in the scheme of things it's not that long, but i am SO bummed. i've almost been in tears a few times today. not cool...


  1. Everything is still going to be okay! You're still on the road and heading in the right direction. :-)
    If you wanna get a tea this evening I have to go out to do some stuff at Costco.

  2. Damn you, cyst!!!

    I hope that bad boy is gone shortly and you can get the show on the road!

  3. Gah! I'd be upset too, but things are still moving along now. Hopefully you can get rid of the cyst soon and get onward and upward. Or outward (as in da belly, it grows outward, ya know!).

    That's it! Onward and outward, babe! :)

  4. The cyst would be f'in with your estrogen level, too. What's the plan for it???

  5. Plan is just to wait and see what happens with it after another week on suprefact. if it's still there, they'll drain it then, and then i'll start stims at some point after.

    I'm tempted to see if they'll check on it sooner, as i don't want to wait ANOTHER week after this coming one to start stims (ppl only start stims on thursday with our clinic)... but that's just me bein impatient.

  6. Girl, you have every right to be impatient! You have been far more patient than I am these days(or would be in your situation).

  7. Ack! My word verification was "TWINQ"

    I wonder if that's a sign for either one of us???

  8. I will think cyst-shrinking thoughts for you. Hope you're doing OK.