Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Never fear...

DGT is here :P

After an exceptionally crabby weekend, the biatch showed up yesterday after work. I could actually feel my mood changing and knew it was imminent.

Of course, I'd called the clinic in a tiny bit of a tizzy that morning, all worried about having the start of stims delayed because I hadn't had my period yet, and the nurse assured me it wouldn't be so much of a big deal. Then she says "well, you know that because you've called and we've talked about this, it will start today…" and sure enough, there she be :P

So that's my story. I'll practice with the injection kit tonight, and get things all set up and zen for injections to start Thursday. Gah. My first-evah wanding tomorrow (or, as a friend said "meeting with Mr. Scooter W.And"), and injections Thursday (hopefully) <insert wide-eyed emoticon here>. Cray-zeeeee.


  1. You're really starting! You're starting! Whoooo!

    Have fun with Mr. Wand tomorrow. We're good friends. :P

  2. YAY. So glad she arrived without extra prodding! How crazy exciting is it that you're on the doorstep for it all to officially begin for real!!! I know you'll do fine tomorrow. It will be weird but just one of those necessary evils!