Saturday, April 10, 2010

Call me Superstitious...

 Or just super, if that's easier ;) 

For a while now i've been trying to make little changes in order to hopefully bring about a positive test result from our IVF efforts. I listen to the Circle + Bloom sessions every night, i've cut out most caffeine (still have a tea a day, but no Diet Coke in over a week now), no more aspartame, and I'm just trying to think REALLY positive. Nothing really superstitious there, but wait :P

One other thing I have decided to do is wear my moonstone pendant (or keep it on me) every day until I do my beta, 16dpET (that's mid-to-late-may for those of you who don't speak IVF). It was given to me by a very good friend last year - the three stones are to represent me, J & baby Chelle-or-J. isn't that sweet? Not familiar with moonstone? Moonstone is "...a feminine gemstone. [It is a] much used gemstone in case of infertility and grants sometimes amazing results." Here's hoping it has that result for us.

So, might be a little superstitious of me, but I'll be wearing this pendant for hte next month or so. I wear it at least 3 or 4 days a week anyway, so a few more isn't much of a stretch. 


  1. Seeing this now, the pic reminded me of your traffic lights as well!

  2. send it to me when you are done with it!!