Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Circle + Bloom...

I'll apologize in advance for the rambly post, it's just how my brain works these days.

A while back now, I was on Fertility Chick's blog, and she mentioned that she'd been listening to Circle + Bloom's cycle-specific meditation tracks. I was intrigued, so I checked out the website, and downloaded the free 30-minute session for myself. I put the mp3 on my iPhone (which charges beside my bed at night anyway) and threw it on replay when I went to bed. I was in LURVE. The session completely blissed me out, and I was pretty close to asleep by the end of the first run-through. I chose to download the full 30-session set after only a few days of the free session. Then I befriended the owner (Joanne) on Twitter, and ended up becoming a beta tester for their IVF/IUI program! As it turned out, when I downloaded the full program, CD1 was just around the corner and I didn't know about the beta testing yet. These both happened shortly thereafter, so I haven't listened to the non-IVF program much, but I've liked the tracks I did listen to. They're all pretty much between 15 & 20 minutes in length - combination of music, guided visualization, relaxation principles, etc. Very zen... just what a girl needs when faced with crazy stress of IVF!

For more info on Circle + Bloom, check out this press release that appeared in a number of US newspapers last week.

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