Monday, April 12, 2010

Why bother keeping it a secret?

I found out this afternoon that pretty much everyone in our group at
work knows we've been trying to get pg, and most know about IVF. And
it wasn't because I told them (for the most part) either.

While i realize i posted last week saying that i wish i could tell the
ppl at work so i didn't have this big secret, the difference between
what i posted and the reality is the loss of control. One more thing i
couldn't control.

I'm not surewhy this makes me sad, but it definitely has brought me
down a bit. Thankfully i'm en route to dinner with some girls from
twitter - new & existing friends. Greek nachos will definitely cheer
me up.


  1. You have lost so much control during this whole process, it's totally understandable why the loss of control over one more aspect of this affects you.


    (And what are Greek nachos???)

  2. **hugs**
    Don't let it get to you now. You have to focus on something so much more important at the moment. Enjoy your evening out!

  3. I'm sorry that this happened - do you know how they found out?